Chiyo Uno Collection - The Fragrance of Happiness



Embracing the message by Chiyo Uno, the Fragrance of Happiness has a scent that is fresh, sweet & sour with elegance of cherry blossoms. Chiyo Uno's concept of "The Fragrance of Happiness" is embodied in this Collection. A collaboration between Nippon Kodo & Chiyo Uno, who is known for her love of Cherry Blossoms: A refined & gentle fragrance of Cherry Blossoms.

A gorgeous fragrance with tart, fresh, and elegant notes. It comes with a Paulownia wood box, and a cherry blossom ceramic incense stand.

Key Notes

Cherry Blossom

Burn Time

Approx. 15 min

W x H x D

2 15/16" x 4 1/4" x 11/16" (75mm x 108mm x 18mm)