Rejuvenating Scalp Elixir



Glamour Beauty Award 2022 - Best Drugstore Scalp Treatment

Happy hair begins with a calm, healthy scalp. The Rejuvenating Scalp Elixir is a 100% Natural lightweight blend of botanical oils and extracts scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, soothe the scalp, and improve hair health. The Elixir helps calm and nourish the scalp, locks in hydration, and gives your hair the chance to flourish, thrive, and be happy.

Do you often wear braids, weaves, or wigs? Massage a few drops into your scalp after your shower or bath when there's a bit of moisture on your scalp. Also, great after your weekly wash. Remember, damp skin equals better absorption.


Apply to scalp 2-3 times weekly or as often needed. After applying, gently massage into the scalp for 1 to 3 minutes to increase circulation and help soothe the scalp.