Full Body Exfoliator



Léedge is a hygienic personal face and body exfoliator tool. Léedge is precision designed to remove with ease dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface, revealing the newer younger cells and more radiant skin. Léedge removes dulling surface debris such as toxins, oil, dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells. This process may help to restore the skin texture and by doing so, help to reduce the size of the skin’s pores naturally.

Léedge is excellent for both men’s and women’s skin care. Use Léedge as a pre-shave to lift ingrown hairs away from the skin, may help with shaving rash and other shaving and waxing conditions. Use Léedge to remove your old instant tan application and to exfoliate in preparation for your new tanning session. Exfoliating before waxing or shaving your body may help to even out the skin’s surface allowing for a smoother shave or wax.

Léedge can be used either on the face or body , using gentle pressure from your fingertips, gently glide the tool along the contours of your wet face or body at a 45-degree angle. It only takes a light amount of pressure to effectively use Léedge.

The stainless steel “Edge’ connects with the skin as it is held and moved along the skin. The edge collects the dead skin cells and debris.

Exfoliating helps your skin. Your skin is going to look radiant and supple, and you feel great!