Glitz Sculpting Roller Massager - Blue



Lift your face up and get your cheekbones more pronounced with the Diamond shape Massager.

A facial massager is essential in every routine and will help the skin’s appearance as well as drain any fluids that make your face look puffy. The diamond shaped ends will give a deep massage to face and neck in an easy and quick way. It’s the perfect tool to finish off your at-home spa pamper day.

The ergonomic V-shape on the handle fits perfectly into your hand, whether you are left or right-handed. Can be used daily or as often as you like! Clean with a soft cloth after use.

  • Face Lifting, improving circulation
  • Assist in skincare penetration
  • Sculpting benefits producing smoother skin and tightened jawline
  • Reducing puffiness in cheeks and eyes

  1. Apply your moisturiser or oil to give the skin some slip and avoid tugging of the skin
  2. Starting from the jawline move the tool from front to back (towards the ears) for eight times each side
  3. Do the same for the cheekbones
  4. To ensure the lymphatic drainage is complete, always finish by taking the tool down the side of your neck a few times

Tip: Always use the tool in upwards motions, you want to lift the skin!