Inflight Elixir (4 Pack)



The natural travel aid for frequent flyers. Drink your way to your healthiest flight with a megadose of travel-supporting ingredients formulated to assist in reducing travel bloat, supporting circulation, replenishing hydration, preventing jet lag and more.

How to Use
  1. Pour 1 sachet of Flight Elixir into as much or as little water as you'd like.
  2. Shake, shake, shake to mix.
  3. Sit back, sip, and enjoy your flight.

*We recommend to drink 1 sachet for every 4 hours of flying.


Coconut Water Powder, Inulin, Tart Cherry Powder, Papaya Powder, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Goji Berry Powder, Beet Root Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Natural Lemon Flavor, Elderberry Extract, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silicon Dioxide, Monk Fruit Extract, Sodium Ascorbate, Glutathione, Pycnogenol (40 mg), Astragalus Powder, Black Pepper Extract (95% piperine).