Fragrance Body Mist - Sea



Aquatic, Airy, Touch of Florals

Inspired by the beauty of the waves, SEA Fragrance Body Mist is bright, nearly effervescent and endlessly captivating. This citrus-aquatic perfume spray is a transportive experience that's also a pleasure to use.

Notes Profile

Top: Lemon Sfuma, Italian Mandarin, Ginger
Mid: Pineapple Leaves, Jasmine, Dewy Cassis
Dry: Tonka Bean, Upcycled Cedarwood, Sandalwood

100ml / 3.38 fl oz

How to Use

Our body mists are designed to be used liberally. Spray this mist anywhere and everywhere, including your body, clothes, and even your home.

  • 86% biodegradable
  • Reduced water usage for scent creation
  • Glass bottle with fine mist sprayer
  • The glass bottle and outer cardboard box are 100% recyclable.