Fresh Petals Rose Hydrosol


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Hydrate and refresh your skin with organic rose hydrosol derived from fresh petals; containing cellular water from the living plant, vibrant with nutritious minerals and fatty acids.

Our rose hydrosol is specifically distilled for the hydrosol only. The plant's cellular water and many components - normally lost under pressurized short steam runs for essential oil, or by using dried material - are what our producers specifically distill for by using only fresh plant material right from the farm to ensure that the plant material is as fresh as possible. This very special hydrosol, is produced from an exceptional organic farm in Bulgaria.

30mL in Shielded Pink Glass

Made in small fresh batches from Organic Farmers only.

How to Use

After cleansing, shake and drip or spritz and press into your skin. Follow with a moisturizer or facial oil. Avoid contact with eyes.


Organic Rosa damascena (Rose) Hydrodistilled Water, Organic Rose otto (rose) Aromatic Distillate Water.