Bee's Moon

Cosmic Cleansing Oil


Fine Lines
Uneven Skin Tone

A sacred mix of nutrient dense organic fruit and seed oils.

Our Cosmic Cleansing Oil was formulated to help protect the precious acid mantle and strengthen the skin's natural defense mechanisms to clear acne, alleviate dryness, calm inflammation, and improve skin health to maintain a radiant glow.

Cosmic Cleansing Oil contains an unsurpassed natural source of vitamins A , E, B1, B2, K & P, as well as carotenes, flavonoids, tocopherols, & phytosterols that protect against cellular damage.

Using potent plant alchemy with "free radical" fighting antioxidants and rich omega fatty acids (3, 6, 9 and the rare omega 7), Bee's Moon Cosmic Cleansing Oil replenishes your skin as you wash your face.

59mL in a Violet Blue UV protective glass bottle.

  • Unmatched pulling power
  • Draws toxins from the skin
  • Completely removes make up
  • Neutralizes microbes
  • Neutralizes fungi
  • Conditions the skin
  • Lubricates & eases discomfort
  • Prevents chapping
  • Helps to reduce oxidative stress
  • Strengthens skin elasticity

How To Use
  • Massage several generous drops into dry skin with clean hands for several minutes.
  • Use caution not to get oil in your eyes.
  • Wet a cloth with warm water and place it over your face for a moment.
  • Lightly wipe away the oil from your skin.
  • Double cleanse for best results. Glow on with your life.
**It is important to remove the Cosmic Cleansing Oil with a soft, warm, wet wash cloth. This is necessary to pull and swipe away product, makeup, oil, and bacteria.**