Moodzee Roller Ball - Focus



centered + grounded

Breathtaking citrus and herbal blend expertly formulated to keep you focused on the task at hand.

Performance Boosts encourage you in the moments you need to strengthen your resolve or quiet your mind.

Empowering yourself to climb any summit, sweat, breathe and move, push, give and then doing it all over again is a breathtaking act of courage.

Give yourself the gift of presence with this perfect organic essential oil blend collection for high performers.

How to Use

Safe & Ready to Use

Stick it in your pocket. Take it with you. Breathe in. Do it again.

Our pre-diluted organic essential oils are blended in organic jojoba oil. Apply right out of the bottle. Our handy roller ball can travel with you. Apply anytime, anywhere. Our dropper bottles make it easy to use our single note oils in your diffuser or when formulating your own formulas. Breathe in deeply to trigger scent memory and shift your mood.


Organic jojoba, bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, tulsi, cardamom, rosemary and lime essential oils.