Hand Mask



Masks aren’t just meant for the face -- you can put dry, chapped palms in good hands as well.

This moisture-rich mask revitalizes dry skin on the delicate hand area to:

  • Soothe
  • Moisturize
  • Smooth

      Key Ingredients

      Coconut Milk
      Elasticizing & protective, holds high levels of Vitamin C and antibacterial properties

      Strengthening & moisturizing, lipid molecules that form a protective skin layer that retains moisture and adds plumpness

      How to Use
      1. Wash and dry hands
      2. Remove and unfold the gloves from the packaging, slip on our hand and use the clear label to fasten around your wrist
      3. After about 10-20 minutes of free activity, remove the mask
      4. Gently pat in the remaining essence