Supercharged Reset Mist



Supercharged Reset Mist may reset + refresh skin with bacteria-balancing botanicals.

Anytime refresh sesh. Flash-refreshes skin with a cool cloud of purifying botanicals. Stash it in your bag for a cleansing moment whenever you need it. (Think: road trips, gym, errands, WFH.)

Light as a cloud. Delivers a superfine moisture mist for vapor-light, touchless application. Non-aerosol and drip-proof, so you can take it anywhere.

Powered by plants. Naturally clarifying extracts like totarol, tea tree, and rosemary may help balance bacteria without irritating skin.

How to Use

Close eyes and mist evenly over face. Repeat anytime you need a mini-reset.
Pro tip: De-funk your face mask! This mist helps keep cotton fresh.

Key Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil
Elderberry Fruit Extract
Herbal Toning Complex