Pomona Facial Toner



What it is: A gentle toner that removes any last traces of dirt, impurities, and grime in your pores after washing your face. A great way to start or finish your day!

Why you need it: Your last step before moisturizing, Pomona Facial Toner will not only cleanse your face and rid it of impurities, it may also help restore your skin’s PH level and tighten your pores.

Rose Hydrosol may help increase blood flow; witch hazel may help reduce inflammation and shrink pores; peppermint soothes and cools; Calendula may help heal blemishes.

Use to tone face, neck and chest.
2 oz

How to Use

Pour a small amount onto a cotton round and swipe it gently across your face and neck after cleansing with Cream Facial Cleanser.


Organic Rosa Damascena (Rose Hydrosol), Organic Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana), Organic Mentha piperita hydrosol (Peppermint), Organic Calendula officinalis Hydrosol (Calendula), Distilled Water.