Roma Patel of Tejari - Part II: The Maker - Roma Patel of Tejari - Part II: The Maker - Luxurious Wellniss
April 2020

Roma Patel of Tejari - Part II: The Maker

How do you start your day?

I wake up around 5am each day to have some ‘me’ time before our two boys (Ari, 5 years old, and Tej, 2 years old) starts their day. I start off most mornings with a warm glass of water with lemon and some light yoga poses.

Do you have a morning / evening ritual?

I start and end my day with relaxation and light stretches. I also try to stay away from technology at least an hour before bed as I’m constantly on my phone or computer doing the day. Lots of water are also part of my mornings and evenings as well.

What is your daily skincare routine?

I recently became obsessed with True Botanicals and Tata Harper. I also use Wiley Body as my go-to for body wash and body oil. I use the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser, True Botanicals Toner, Radiance Oil and Mist. I’ve been using Sconset SPF sunscreen for over a year and absolutely love it!

Do you have a daily wellniss routine?

My biggest effort toward wellniss is to make sure I’m paying attention to my body and slowing down. Days go by fast and I’m trying to curve out time to focus on self-care, especially during my morning and evening routines.

What is beauty product or tool you can’t live without?

Wiley Body’s Everyday Oil! It’s AMAZING and definitely helps keep my skin moisturized as I always have really dry skin. Plus, she’s a female-founder and has become such a great friend and support system!

What do you do for R&R when you need to reboot?

I LOVE going to the spa or a workout class. It’s time away from everything and lets me focus on ‘me’ – even if it’s for one hour!

What are your must-haves when traveling?

I always pack Tejari to-go sachets with me. Nutrition is very important to me and it’s often challenging finding all the right nutrients to fit in while away from the home.

What selfcare advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?

Curve out some time in your day – even if it’s 15 minutes – and dedicate that time to listen to yourself and slow down.

Do you have any beauty / wellniss advice for our followers?

Be present and know you can always change your habits. Work on ways you want to integrate more self-care into your day and make a goal to do so on a daily habit. It’s worth it, trust me!