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July 2020

Monica Ruffo of Well Told Health

What motivated you to start Well Told Health?

When I was diagnosed with very aggressive breast cancer a few years ago, I started questioning everything I was putting on and in my body. Incredibly, I discovered that the supplements I was taking were full of synthetics and fillers and that the word "natural" wasn't even a regulated word! How could this be? This really didn't sit well with me so I set out to create completely clean and highly efficacious supplements crafted from organic plants and nothing else. We are completely science-based in our approach harnessing the power of plants to make the world a healthier place.

What would you consider your hero product from your brand?

All our products address very specific and different health needs. There really isn’t one that outshines the others.

What standards/non-negotiables do you take into consideration when thinking about enhancing or developing new products?

We have extremely high standards: we use only whole plants that have been dehydrated and milled - no synthetics, no fillers, no isolates and none of that is negotiable. It took me nearly 3 years to figure out how to create and make products of this quality and I would never compromise. I’m also non-negotiable on how our suppliers treat their employees among other things. Our suppliers have to share our overall values.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges for "beauty/wellness" brands today?

The sheer number of brands out there poses a huge challenge. You have to work really hard to differentiate yourself on every level, your products, your brand and your voice, every day.

What has been one of your proudest moments since creating Well Told Health

Launching was definitely my proudest moment! There were so many roadblocks and I can’t tell you how many people told me it couldn’t be done and tried to discourage me.  It took nearly 3 years!

What can we expect in the future from Well Told Health?

We’re about to launch new products and there are more in the pipeline. I dream of making the world a healthier place. 

What advice would you give customers who want to make the most out of your brand?

Health needs vary and change over time. It’s important to stay tuned into what you need at a specific moment in time and supplement with that. And give yourself time. Natural products don’t work overnight. They work with your body to improve how you feel.

How do you start your day?

Early! When I wake up I always stay in bed for a good 20 minutes and daydream, visualize and then imagine how my day will unfold.

Do you have a morning/evening ritual?

After I get out of bed I like to do some exercise, it used to be a spin class or pilates but recently I have been going for long walks with my son at 7AM. It’s so peaceful at that time and it feels like the world is full of possibilities. We have great chats - I love it.

What is your daily skincare routine?

Twice a day without fail I wash, tone and moisturize. At least once a week I exfoliate and do masks, usually I do 2 masks: a first one to firm and tone and a second one to moisturize.

Do you have a daily wellness routine?

Of course! Haha. I get some exercise and mediate every day. It keeps me grounded and sane. Also, when I first wake up, I always take our Anti-inflammatory, and Energy. In the winter I also take vitamin D but in the summer I get a lot from the spending time outdoors.

I also have a spoonful of apple cider vinegar followed by about ½ teaspoons on amla powder every morning. It took some getting used to the taste (yuck!) but it is excellent to alkalize the body. After having cancer I do everything I can to keep my body alkaline. I usually will also have a matcha latte with oat milk at least once a day (it’s an antioxidant blast!) and will take a second of our Energy supplements after lunch to avoid the slump. After dinner I usually have Stress Fighter to help me unwind.

What is a beauty product or tool you can’t live without?

Routine deodorant! It took me forever to find a natural deodorant that actually works for me. I had nearly given up until I found this brand. I have since learned that natural deodorants work differently on everyone and you really have to experiment but Routine is truly amazing for me.

What do you do for R&R when you need to reboot?

R&R? Um… well recently there hasn’t been much of that. Covid hit us hard. I spend time with my children every day though. Having dinner together is non-negotiable. I also love to cook! It is very therapeutic for me. And my meditation practice does wonder to clear mind and banish stress and negativity.

What are your must haves when traveling?

Our Energy, Sleep and Stress Fighter products are fantastic along with Antioxidant to boost the immune system. I also drink tons of water while traveling.

What selfcare advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?

Well 5 years ago I was undergoing cancer treatment and I think it marked the start of a much more intense selfcare journey. I am definitely in a better place today.

Do you have any beauty/wellness advice for our followers?

Everybody is different and you really have to figure out what is right for you and be open to changing that up over time as your needs change. The important thing is to take time for yourself and truly listen to yourself and what your body is telling you. If you have an ache or pain or you can’t sleep at night, rather than getting frustrated with yourself be grateful that your body is talking to you in the only way it knows how. You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first.