Meet the Maker: Brittany Maritsa Ruley of Bee's Moon - Meet the Maker: Brittany Maritsa Ruley of Bee's Moon - Luxurious Wellniss
March 2020

Meet the Maker: Brittany Maritsa Ruley of Bee's Moon

Name: Brittany Maritsa Ruley
Brand: Bee's Moon
Established: December 2018
Hometown: El Paso + Dallas, Texas

What motivated you to start Bee's Moon?

Skincare became one medium for nurturing myself as I was experiencing memory loss from a traumatic brain injury I sustained in a car accident. I was mourning my dreams, teaching my eyes to read again, and isolating myself. Taking care of myself went beyond skincare, but the act of it—taking the time to intentionally love myself helped move me towards accepting a new story about myself, and give “new brain” new ideas. I began formulating for myself and fell in love with the process. My products worked so wonderfully for me, I wanted to share them in the most loving way I could. I believe we are all healing in someway, and taking care of ourselves is a way to honor wherever we are in that process.

What would you consider your hero product from your brand?

The simple yet luxurious experience of our Cosmic Cleansing Oil was a game changer for me. The fatty acid content is unprecedented, my skin is doused in nutrients every time I wash my face. My skin FEELS nourished, all my makeup is removed, and my skin does not feel stripped.

What standards/non-negotiables do you take into consideration when thinking about enhancing or developing new products?

Ecological impact is at the forefront of everything we do. We build with our Earth in mind, and will always adjust to minimize our footprint where we can. Choosing to formulate with quality organic and wildflower ingredients is our way of protecting our fragile ecosystem. It’s important for us as a company to create responsibly. The best plants grow from healthy soil. We want to contribute to preserving the integrity of that soil with pesticide free crops, synergistic growth patterns, natural habitat farming, and thriving insect populations. Sustainable beauty is at the heart of Bee’s Moon. We share our Earth and Moon, and making choices that protect this space is something we won’t compromise.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges for "beauty/wellness" brands today?

Vocabulary, and how we define specific terms as a community. As well as not using language that shames or ignores the true human experience. I believe the official beauty standard is no standard and to be yourself, as you are, full of the magic that moves you, is what is beautiful; capturing that is important. I think a lot of brands also struggle to make their packaging recyclable and keep their products safe at the same time.

What has been one of your proudest moments since creating your brand?

My proudest moments thus far since creating Bee’s Moon has been people coming back once they go empty. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others make our products a staple in their rituals. Also, when Vogue called to put us in their magazines, I was over the moon!.. and my mom, who loves fashion and design, was proud too.

What can we expect in the future from Bee's Moon?

In the future you can expect lots of flowers to bloom from our boxes that were planted by our beautiful customers. Expect us to be adding to our line, asking deeper questions about sustainability, and seeking new ways to make more shifts towards healing our Earth and honoring ourselves.

What advice would you give customers who want to make the most out of your brand?

Stay consistent with your product use. Plant your boxes for the bees. Be loving with yourself.

How do you start your day?

I start my day by waking up slow, loving on my dogs, and having a big cup of coffee.

Do you have a morning / evening ritual?

My morning rituals include watering my plants, quiet time to visualize harmony, and dancing to City Girls in my kitchen before outlining my day.

What is your daily skincare routine?

In the mornings I never wash my face with a product, I don’t want to wash away all the magical oils my skin needs and spent the evening making, I only rinse with water, spritz with a rose water and apply moisturizer and SPF. I happen to use our Night Healer as a day moisturizer as well.. I’m a rebel.

In the evenings I start with our Cosmic Cleansing Oil on dry skin, taking about 60 seconds to work that oil in really well before swiping it off with a warm bamboo cloth. I repeat this process one more time to lay down nutrients onto clean skin, again with the Cosmic Cleansing Oil (double cleanse, queens!). Then, I rinse my face with water and spritz a rose water or witch hazel mist before applying my Night Healer moisturizer on damp skin to lock in the moisture. At times I add in various products here and there, like hyaluronic acid, retinol, AHA or BHA acid, eye cream, or a face oil. However, on a daily basis I keep it very simple and only use a few products.

Do you have a daily wellniss routine?

My daily wellness routine includes salt lamps / nice ambiance, stretching, skincare, loved ones, my dogs, acting on my creativity, giving my body what it asks for, and not shutting out uncomfortable emotions or situations that need tender attention and healing time.

What is beauty product or tool you can’t live without?

I cannot live without my Night Healer moisturizer. It feels so good year round and the glow and protection it gives me just doesn’t happen with other moisturizers... and an eyelash curler!

What do you do for R&R when you need to reboot?

When I need to reboot you can find me in my bed, with my dogs, snacks, salt lamps on, and a full day of movies.

What are your must-haves when traveling?

When traveling I must have motion sickness medicine, snacks, headphones + podcasts, and of course I pre-plane-prep my skin with Cosmic Cleansing Oil and a thick layer of Night Healer for protection against the dry plane air.

What selfcare advice would you have given yourself 5 years ago?

Self Care advice to 5 year ago me: “Pain is not shameful, and healing does not happen overnight; continue to do the hard work on yourself because the journey is long and beautiful.”

Do you have any beauty / wellniss advice for our followers?

Stay hydrated, try new things, find what works best for you. Nothing beats a professional facial. Your skin is communicating with you, listen to what it is saying and try not to be mad at it. Be kind to yourself and others. Listen with empathy. Think of our Earth as you honor yourself.