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January 2022

Maisha Cannon of Black Girl Journals

We have been in the midst of the pandemic for the better part of this year. Did it impact your business and how?

It actually inspired the idea! I had a different pandemic hobby in 2020, and in 2021 mid-year, I stumbled upon a few YouTube videos on self- publishing on Amazon that piqued my interest.

Did you need to make any changes to counter the effects of the pandemic? If so, what?

Not really. The beauty of designing journals is I can do it all from home!

Was the outcome what you anticipated? Why or why not?

The early outcome (soft launch) has exceeded my expectations. Not only in the amount of journals sold, but the impact on the people who have purchased them. The input on future ideas has been wonderful.

What was your biggest learning throughout this experience?

Having an all in one supplier in Amazon is a plus and a minus. They handle everything - printing, logistics, inventory, shipping, payments.

But the platform / process can be unpredictable at times and some users’ accounts have been shut down without explanation. So it’s a risk as well as a wonderful all in one resource. I’m hoping to find a backup publisher so I am prepared should I ever run into issues.

Now that the colder weather is approaching, which of your products do you recommend?

Journals are year round! Haha. Starting off the year with new reflection and introspection is helpful. In line with that, I’d recommend

  1. A Little Mo Cardio - FitnessTracker
  2. Self Care Journal from LuxuriousWellniss
  3. Gratitude Over Everything

Which are your favorite products and why?

Oh, I have quite a few from LW!

  • Brilliant Blue Lavender Nippon Kodo incense is a daily treat. The scent is mild and I love to start my mornings with it.
  • Skinny & Co. - Essential Oil Roller - Sweet Lemongrass is a must have in my morning routine. I use it when I do my morning gratitude journaling and sip my daily brew.
  • Bee's Moon - Cherry Nectar - love this for my evening routine. smooth application, mild scent, feels great after cleansing.
  • Lavender Bud Sachet - I keep this on my desk during the work day. It’s calming and helps me reset.

Do you celebrate your successes and how?

I need to become more intentional with celebrating wins - big and small. Some of the pre-pandemic ways I would typically reward myself aren’t viable currently, so I have to get more creative and consistent.

In the past, I’d celebrate with a trip to the day spa, massages, mani/pedi’s, attend a concert, explore something new in the city,etc. Hopefully soon, I can regain a bit of that outdoor fun. For now, I’m remaining cautious as that’s worked well for me over the past 2 years to maintain good health and wellness.

Do you change your skin care routine to transition into the Fall / Winter How?

Interesting question! This past summer, I was much more consistent with wearing sunscreen, makeup and using all the cool cleansing/moisturizing products daily. I was watching Jackie Aina tutorials on the regular, and even had a mask friendly foundation application.

As winter approached and temperatures dropped, I started going outside even less and stopped wearing makeup altogether. The winter routine has been all about moisturizing and nightly cleansing.

The holidays are synonymous with overindulging. What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

I’m still learning how to master a routine! Before the pandemic, I had a personal trainer and that works best for me. It’s been hard to stay consistent working out at home, but I use my FitBit, and subscribe to a few online workouts (Afrifitness and Step). Sometimes, even YouTube can provide a good quick 15 minute workout.

What are your favorite things to do during your quiet time?

Listen to music, research my family tree and create new journals. This passion project has proven to be an awesome creative outlet. I love to create unique and thoughtful journals that will impact others positively.