Jamika Martin of Rosen Skincare - Part I: The Brand - Jamika Martin of Rosen Skincare - Part I: The Brand - Luxurious Wellniss
May 2020

Jamika Martin of Rosen Skincare - Part I: The Brand

Name: Jamika Martin
Brand: ROSEN Skincare
Established: June 2017
Hometown: Paso Robles 

What motivated you to start ROSEN Skincare?

I started ROSEN due to my own personal difficulties around skincare. I’ve dealt with super acne prone skin for most of my life. Lots of dermatologist visits, medications and treatments, all to end up back at square one looking for a daily solution to my breakouts and scars. Seeing the innovation going on in the beauty space, but shopping the same acne care products from when I was a kid inspired me to bring that same level of innovation and branding to the acne care market.

What would you consider your hero product from your brand?

Our hero product is for sure our Bright Citrus Serum, but our Fade Routine is quickly moving to the top.

What standards / non-negotiables do you take into consideration when thinking about enhancing or developing new products?

The product must be clean, with ingredients being around 1-2 on the EWG scale. Formulas are generally 10 ingredients or less, I don’t believe in using tons of ingredients in a formula because it begs the question of how useful are all of the actives if they’re in there at such a low percentage. And all new products have to be innovative! I’m not a fan of creating the same formula over or making a dupe, I want each product I launch with the brand to be something new to the market.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges for "beauty/wellness" brands today?

Differentiation. I think a lot of brands go in with the thought that just having a good product is enough, and I don’t really believe that. I think there are hundreds of brands out there with amazing products, but they don’t all go mass or huge because they aren’t that different. You need to be solving a new need in a way that isn’t being done yet. And if you aren’t, you need a big budget or a lot of connections behind you to just make it off of branding alone.

What has been one of your proudest moments since creating ROSEN Skincare?

Right now! Early 2020 was so difficult for us. Bad partnership decisions and financial constraints made the daily feel nearly impossible. But this month (April 2020) has been our largest month to date and we’re having conversations with retailers we’ve been interested in for a while, so it feels super fulfilling to be here given how stressful it was just a month ago.

What can we expect in the future from ROSEN?

For us to continue to innovate the acne space! Our ultimate goal is to truly change the way people think about breakouts and acne care. We hope that by the time we’ve exited, we have the same impact on acne marketing and branding that brands like Schmidt’s and Native had on deodorant or Shea Moisture had on natural haircare.

What advice would you give customers who want to make the most out of your brand?

Follow the directions on the products and try a product out for at least 3 weeks before switching! Also, stick to the basics of a routine unless you feel comfortable experimenting with serums or acids or more tricky product. These are the simplest steps to success when it comes to forming a solid skincare routine.