Erin Kleinberg of Sidia - Erin Kleinberg of Sidia - Luxurious Wellniss
March 2023

Erin Kleinberg of Sidia

Name: Erin Kleinberg
Brand: SIDIA
Established: March 2020
Hometown: Toronto

What motivated you to start?

I started off my entrepreneurial journey with my own line dubbed erinkleinberg in 2008. I was fresh out of the dorm room and avid as ever to learn, create and connect with as many people and mentors I could find on my way. Long story short, I ended up co-founding The Coveteur as a way to editorialize the precious and nostalgic stories that make each house a home. And in 2015, Métier Creative was launched, as a culmination of all I’d learned, and that joy and sense of accomplishment I felt in creating brands from scratch. Fast forward to today, where SIDIA is coming on it’s second year of being a full fledged beauty and wellness brand that is taking the world - or my world at least - by storm. When I started SIDIA, it was really a way for me to process the grief of losing my grandmother, and honor the legacy she left behind. She was a holocaust survivor, immigrant to Canada and mother of 3 — the matriarch of our family and constant source of comfort, home and family. She expressed herself creatively through her looks and style, and did so with such immense grace and poise. And she was the biggest advocate of finding moments of ease in the chaos, taking a personal moment to breathe, reset, and face the day with a new sense of vigor and clarity. With SIDIA, our hope is to create products that leave you with that same sense of comfort and hygge that my grandmother left me. No matter who the Sidia in your life is, it’s a feeling that endures.

What would you consider your hero product from your brand?

Our Hand Care! These luxe, clean, hydrating, gentle, non-greasy formulas are our star heros for sure. They are effective and smell intoxicating. The design stands out in a sea of clean beauty products too with our sleek black packaging and the little green lucite inspired moment on the hand serum cap. I personally do the system multiple times a day and adore the feeling of relief I get from chronic dry hands without having to compromise with a greasy thick cream. Our serum just melts into the hands and feels nourishing without leaving a gross film to then wash off. It’s a must try 

What standards / non-negotiables do you take into consideration when thinking about enhancing or developing new products?

All of our products are formulated using Credo – clean approved guidelines. In our opinion this is the most rigorous in the industry in the US as of now. We are cruelty – free, vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicon-free, phthalate-free, women owned, and donate 1 % for the planet. We create our products in the smallest batch possible, have recyclable or PCR packaging, and are committed to taking the time each day to make the right choice in terms of manufacturing and everyday practices to protect Mother Earth as much as we can!

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges for "beauty / wellness" brands today?

I think the standards of clean vary so much from brand to brand, retailer to retailer and many brands led with this kind of messaging only to be seen as greenwashing. I think a lot is changing with regulation and customers being so educated. We’ll continue to see rapid change over the next few years. We have never led with ‘clean’ or ‘sustainability’ messaging as, to us, these elements were part of our plan from the start and feel like table stakes at this point. SIDIA leads with brand story, attempting to evoke a feeling, an emotion, a lifestyle, all in the name of the matriarchs that came before us, and how to find freedom and ease in our daily lives.

What has been one of your proudest moments since creating SIDIA?

Opening our first pop- up on the UES in Manhattan was huge for us. Everything up until truly ‘meeting’ our customer felt like a dress rehearsal! Seeing customers who have never heard of us engage, shop, show us likes / dislikes was absolutely invaluable. Also, seeing my grandmother’s name in lights on a store front right near the Met was such a career highlight☺. She was embarrassed by her name, so my mission to have her live on forever feels special to my heart.

What can we expect in the future from SIDIA?

You can expect more mask innovation and masking accoutrements. Big thangs poppin, lil thangs stopping!

What advice would you give customers who want to make the most out of your brand?

Surprise and delight by way of invigorating, extraordinary fragrance and nourishing, gentle, luxe bodycare formulas along with the perfect accoutrement to your bathroom oasis and ritual ☺. And hopefully eventually a SIDIA Spa!

What advice would you give customers who want to make the most out of your brand?

Our SIDIA products are designed to live with you throughout the day finding little moments of comfort, joy, and relief. Our candles have functional notes in them to help ease headaches, help with concentration, awaken, revive, calm, etc. so I light them for different parts of the day – BRALESS for nighttime as we wind down, and WIRED during the day to awaken! The hand care exists to stop you in your zoom tracks and invite you to come home to yourself for a second. A phoneless act of nurturing your hands, which work so damn hard for you in a day! Our soft and plush towel wrap and cloud nine headband are also designed to be there during your GRWM routine. Soon SIDIA will be in your shower too! Shhhhhhh….

How do you start your day?

Being awakened by my 2 human alarm clocks! A big squish and kiss! I set up my day with a quick walk, a condensed shower/skin routine & catch-up with my kiddos. Once I sign in for the day, I know I’m ready to take on whatever wonderful creative chaos will ensue.

Do you have a morning/evening ritual?

My mornings usually start early, thanks to my kids, Parker and Ford. They wake me up around 6:30 and we all hang in bed together for a cuddle - they will usually watch something and I’ll check my calendar and answer a few emails. I love that feeling to begin my day and I hope to create the same feelings of family, sanctuary and peace for my kids that I experienced growing up.

In the evenings, I love taking the opportunity to cook with my family and have dinner together. Once they’re in bed, I head to my bathroom and take a long, very hot shower. I light my BRALESS candle with patchouli, cedar, guaiac wood, and put on my SIDIA towel or one of our sets and just absorb the day. I love being cozy. And after a day of being online, that alone time really brings me back to myself.

What is your daily skincare routine?

I’m always trying different products, so my skincare line-up tends to be all over the place! I have a few signature go-to’s that I rely on and a routine that’s more or less consistent.

Step one of my skincare regimen is always lighting my WIRED/BRALESS candle. This really sets the mood and gets me started. I pull on my Cloud Nine made from the softest velour to keep those pesky baby hairs at bay and splash cold water on my face. Then it’s a four-step cleanse, exfoliate, serum and moisturize. I love a gentle but thorough cleanser to start, especially when I'm using a heavier exfoliator. After cleansing, I go in with my $20 Amazon Ice Roller - I’m all about that high low mix. It’s such a soothing release and my secret weapon for puffy skin. Exfoliation is what makes your serum that much more effective - and that tactile experience is everything. I swear by the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads for baby soft skin or the Detox Green Tea Antioxidant Clay Mask from Three Ships if I have a few minutes to spare. Sometimes it’s just fun to put on a face mask (and I usually mix a little extra for my hubby)! Then, onto a serum. Right now I’m obsessed with Goop’s all-in-one face oil and I’ll finish with a moisturizer. Usually, it’s the Joaquina Botanica Crema Essential. With the dry winter air and limited sun, I’m doing all I can to get extra moisture and keep my skin looking glowy.

Do you have a daily wellness routine?

I start my wellness routine right in the morning since I am a big morning person. The daily wellness routine for me includes kids’ cuddles, a cold shower, and my sacred skincare routine. It doesn't always consist of the billions of steps I'd love it to, but it includes a cleanse, hydration, moisturization, guasha or ice roll, and misting. I even find my five-minute makeup routine is a moment to pause and create a small sliver of artistry before the day. I do five minutes of breathwork and when I'm lucky, get out for a 7 AM hour walk. Nature is a big part of my wellness journey.

What is a beauty product or tool you can't live without?

I cannot live without my Saie mascara. I literally cannot leave the house without some lashes. Without that mascara, I feel like I don’t have lashes.

What do you do for R&R when you need to reboot?

For R&R, I try to put my phone away and spend time with my family. I love cooking together with my husband, having dinner with the kids, and just enjoying each other’s company. After putting the kids to bed, I light up my BRALESS candle, do my skincare routine, sometimes even take another shower that day - a VERY HOT ONE. After my HOT SHOWER, I slip into my SIDIA body towel, and just enjoy the rest of the night in my bedroom - I’m a total bedroom gal. Sometimes, I will just slip into bed after my skincare routine, and just have some time for myself. I love being cozy in my bed and falling asleep to a good book. I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t have my phone near my bed sometimes.

What are your must-haves when traveling?

The decision of what to bring with me when I travel is so hard, especially when it's a short trip. When travelling, it’s a must-have to bring my DDG peels, Chanel hydra mist, and my TSA approved SIDIA Hand Serum - my hands get SO DRY, especially since I wash my hands all the time after touching everything.

What selfcare advice would you have given yourself five years ago?

Sign off from work and try to stay away from my phone from this point onwards. Spend quality time with those around you, it’s so easy to get caught up in the business and work 24/7.

Do you have any beauty/wellness advice for our followers?

As fun as it is to intake beauty / wellness listicles, do what feels good and right to you as that is what will fuel your soul. Wellness doesn’t always have to be baths and meditation, it can be a myriad of exploration of so many different senses and experiences. You know yourself best, so follow the direction of what makes you feel free and at ease…