In 10 Minutes

Rebeca Minkoff

The Female Founder Collective



Mother, wife, designer and entrepreneur, with everything you are juggling daily, If faced with only 10 minutes to get ready for NYFW what’s most important, your total facial glam or styling your New York Fashion Week show look?

I wish I could say I could get ready in 10 minutes for New York Fashion Week, but that would be a lie! I take an hour, I have to do my hair and my makeup with glam squad.

If faced with only 10 minutes to pack for a last-minute flight, what are you packing?

I would pack exercise clothes, definitely face cream and a really cozy sweat suit.

If faced with only 10 minutes for some self-care after a hectic day, no phone, no computer, peace and quiet, what are you doing?

With an extra 10 minutes, I would take nap or read a really good book.

What would you do with an extra 10 minutes a day?

Hang out with my baby, he’s 2 and I want to suck up all the time I can get!