In 10 Minutes

Parisa Fitz-Henley

Actress / Producer / Musician




During award season, you hit several red carpets. If faced with only 10 minutes to get ready for an event what’s most important your glam from the neck up, your face and hair or the total look from the neck down?

Tough question! Ten minutes would be a nightmare lol!! Neck up is so important because you can always crop an outfit out of a photo. But in ten mins I’d go for the best overall look I could achieve. So, assuming I’m already clean: 30 secs to take a deep breath and say a prayer for help and to remember that being human is more important than having the perfect look, two mins to steam my outfit, three mins to either spruce my hair if it’s out or to wet, gel and slick it into a bun, four and a half mins for a little foundation, blush, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara and powder. Spray perfume on the way out because I know I’ll be sweating!

Congrats, you’re a new auntie! If faced with only 10 minutes to pack for a quick trip to NY to visit your niece what are you packing? 

Black jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, bras, drawers, running shoes and socks — all in black or dark colors. A Woolite Darks (not natural but unparalleled for fade resistance) liquid pod for washing everything together mid-trip. The toiletries I use daily. My journal, favorite pen, sleep mask, ear plugs, and phone charger. And a snack!

If faced with only 10 minutes for some self-care after a hectic day, no phone, no computer, peace and quiet, what are you doing?

I’m setting an alarm, laying down — preferably with my feet raised above my heart — and I’m breathing consciously or closing my eyes and allowing a little sleep if I can get it.

What would you do with an extra 10 minutes a day?

Ideal world: Stretch and/or meditate. Real world: I’d probably barely notice it was there.