In 10 Minutes

Nikki Howard

Model / Comedian / Co-Host of the Sorry Mom Podcast




You are always in front of a camera. If faced with only 10 minutes to get ready for a shoot, what are quintessential musts to ensure you give the best face & body on a shoot?

If I only had 10 minutes I would slap on deodorant (because it doesn’t matter how cute you look if you smell your day is over and so is everyone else’s), moisturizer and body lotion, concealer, mascara, lip stick and some highlight. They can fix the rest in post.

If faced with only 10 minutes to pack for a flight to NY, what are you packing?

Well, this is easy because I have a bag already packed (just in case) full of travel shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant, a razor, a toothbrush, moisturizer, serum, and my make up wipes and another bag with a few make up essentials (mascara, tinted moisturizer, concealer, and some bronzer). I’d grab my curling iron, some lip stick and eye shadow, then throw all of my clothes in a bag and pray to God something will look cute.

If faced with only 10 minutes for some self-care after a hectic day with no phone, no computer, peace and quiet, what are you doing?

I’m immediately putting my pajamas on, washing my face, and putting on a mud mask and a little foot mask treatment. Then I’m m laying in bed with my two dogs and my boyfriend and watching Shark Tank on Hulu.

What would you do with an extra 10 minutes a day?

If I had an extra 10 minutes a day I would stretch! I focus so much on the external side of taking care of myself I sometimes don’t spend enough time actually working on the things nobody sees like my muscles.