In 10 Minutes

Michelle Swittenberg

Owner BRWL Studio




You have the dream job, working out and looking good for a living. If faced with only 10 minutes, to prepare for class what are your am ritual musts?

Since I am going to be working out --- it’s a pretty simple ritual. I drink a huge glass of water, use NOTO deep serum on my face, put on some tinted lip balm, do a quick swipe of waterproof mascara, and use a dab of Aveda Anti Humectant on my hair so it doesn’t look completely crazy after a sweaty workout.

You told us that you are pretty low maintenance, however, you have very fashionable taste. If faced with only 10 minutes to pack for a quick trip for some sun what are you packing?

That’s easy. I do my best packing when I don’t have time to overthink it! For a weekend beach jaunt: my favorite black Nili Lotan pants, a black tank, a white tank, a pair of funky Marni heels, a pair of Ancient Greek flat sandals, a long slip dress (probably black), my mirrored Linda Farrow sunglasses (so I can people watch easily), a little bit of makeup, workout clothes (of course), my kindle and some magazines, my 2 favorite bikinis -one black one white -- from J. Crew (they really do fit the best!), a floppy cotton sun hat, sunscreen (!), hoop earrings, layers of bracelets, and a very old TSE cashmere wrap that I nicknamed Priscilla.

If faced with only 10 minutes for some self-care after a hectic day, no phone, no computer, peace and quiet, what are you doing?

Going to sleep 10 minutes earlier!

What would you do with an extra 10 minutes a day?

Snuggle my husband, catch up with my teenage son, call my parents, call my sister, and grab a cup of coffee with one of my friends... obviously I’d have to rotate all of that!