In 10 Minutes

Alexxis Vasquez

Health / Wellness / Adventures




As a vegan chef with a busy lifestyle, how do you keep a balanced diet on the go? If faced with only 10 minutes to make a meal full of energy and packed with beautifying ingredients what are you cooking up?

It’s so important to make sure I incorporate both raw and cooked produce into my meals, so I always have fresh fruits, raw and cooked veggies as well as a cooked grain like quinoa or brown rice in my fridge.  With only 10 minutes on the clock, I am pulling out the blender and tossing in some pineapples, mangoes, oranges, and bananas with a little coconut water for a perfect energy-boosting tropical smoothie. Next, quickly sauté some mushrooms, spinach, and onions adding them to a bowl of greens and quinoa with my favorite toppings: Greek salad and kalamata olives. Simple, full of nutrients and vitamins, and super filling.

You juggle your time with clients between NY and Orlando. If faced with only 10 minutes to pack what are you packing? 

I generally have at least half of a “go-bag” ready, keeping my toiletries stocked and packed! But I always make sure to pack two button-downs, (one casual, one silk or chiffon), nice jeans, a blazer, wrap dress, and some cute oxford shoes. Of course, as a Florida girl, I always have sunscreen and a bathing suit packed! Cause, you never know!

If faced with only 10 minutes for some self-care after a hectic day, no phone, no computer, peace and quiet, what are you doing? 

I’m applying my favorite face mask, Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Cleanse turning on my Himalayan salt rock and meditating! The facemask contains Coconut Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Rose Wax, and Coco Butter that cleanses and hydrates the skin. It feels like 1000 morning roses kissing my face ever so softly and gives me the best glow afterward!!

What would you do with an extra 10 minutes a day?

With an extra 10 minutes I am sitting down to write a letter/Postcard to my grandmother from wherever I am. Jeanie, my mother’s mom, is one of the biggest inspirations I have. She always does exactly what she wants and keeps this cool and adventurous innocence about her. She isn’t able to go everywhere with me, but when I come home I always share pictures!