Travel Essentials on the Go

If you’re packing your bags for a long weekend or for a few weeks, these travel BFF’s are not only essential but they’re TSA friendly and travel easy!

FlightFud Inflight Elixir is the superfood drink mix for frequent flyers with a megadose of travel-supporting ingredients: coconut water crystals to restore and enhance hydration, camu camu powder to boost immunity, chlorella to support exposure to cosmic radiation, papaya powder to improve digestion, goji berry powder to improve circulation, and tart cherry powder to manage jet lag.

Freshen up those ripe pits and other bawdy parts with shower in a pack, whether you’re traveling via plane, train or automobile! Wherever your travel takes you, RECESS will have you stepping out so fresh n’ so clean!

(5) Face 201: Bacteria Fighting Wipes
(5) Body 101: Deodorant Wipes (aluminum-free)
(5) Body 301: Aloe Wipes

Another way to freshen up on the go is with these Yuni Beauty Rose Cumber Shower Sheets, they’re perfect for those hot and humid getaways.

I stay on you all about changing your face towels and when traveling to new environments our skin can be sensitized. Thanks to Clean Skin Club, their CLEAN TOWELS will save you from hearing my mouth while maintaining your glow-up! They were created to complete every skincare routine in the cleanest way possible, ensuring the skin is perfectly clean and untouched by bacteria and germs that can harbor on regular washroom towels.

Last but never least, Lapcos sheet masks are first class inflight or when you land! Restore your skins bounce in 10 minutes, my favorites in flight are Hyaluronic and Aqua!