Stop Picking Yo Face!

It’s me just checking in on y’all to make sure ya skin is still skinnin’ and performing the way we had planned for ya summer reveal! YAAAAAS! 🤔🌞⛱

So let’s check in!

☑️ Are you washing your hands BEFORE you wash your face? I mean not 20 minutes ago— as in right now at the sink before you put cleanser in your hands. 🚰🤲🏿

☑️ STOP PICKING YOUR FACE!! If you’re reading this and feeling a way, I’M TALKING TO YOU! Just grab a mighty patch! 🧏🏿‍♀️

☑️ If you haven’t been changing your pillowcases and bath towels, I see laundry in your future today! 🧖🏿‍♀️

☑️ Get that linen changed and keep the progress poppin’!

I’m proud of you, keep it glowing! ✨

That’s all, thanks, you’re welcome and enjoy this beautiful day! ☀️💕