Springtime Glow-Up with B by LW Body

Spring's approaching and it's time ditch that dry ashy skin and get your glow on! If you haven’t met my new baby, let me introduce you one more time!

B by LW is my newest concoction focused on all things bawdy!

Body Glow: Ready. Set. Glow! Your face isn’t the only part of you that should be even toned and luminous. BODY GLOW is an AHA/BHA body wash formulated to exfoliate, brighten, accelerate cellular turnover and improve skin texture. When it’s time to show off your birthday suit, you’ll be confidently ready!

Body Detox: You detox your body with special diets and supplements. What about your skin? If you worked up a sweat in the gym or are in need of a good BODY DETOX, I got you! Formulated to unclog pores, refine and brighten skin texture, this ritual stays on the menu!

Body Satin: Your body is your temple so treat it that way. BODY SATIN keeps your skin hydrated and feeling luxe without the oily residue. Rice Bran Oil is the tiny but mighty hero ingredient that is packed with antioxidants, improves circulation and evens out skin tone.

Your glow-up session is back in progress…you’re welcome! 💁🏾‍♀️