Safely Dewy in Your Summer Whites

🤍 It’s time to pull out the summer whites and there’s something about a sun kissed dewy glow in white that hits different! ☀️

However, slipping into all white presents a challenge:

“How can I achieve a dewy, hydrated look without leaving an oil slick all over the fit?” 🤔

Hmmmmmm…wonder no more!

✨ You can thank SulaNYC for understanding the assignment!

Available in 5 scents, these luxurious, lightweight dry Argan body oils are fast absorbing, leaving the skin velvety feeling smooth and soft!

This spray-on magic 🪄 glow in a bottle delivers maximum hydration for a silky, soft feel and doesn’t leave an oily or sticky residue.

All of the scents are delicious and nutritious for your bawdy!