Naked Face No More!!

Some of you are STILL NOT WEARING SUNSCREEN 😤 & afraid to commit due to the ghostly, white residue. Fear no longer! 😌

Thanks to Naked Sundays, you can choose a sunscreen that’s right for you! 💕

All of the products are vegan🌿 & cruelty free🐰 with ZERO whitecast, packed with skin-loving ingredients (I’ve never seen collagen in a sunscreen!) and high performance SPF Made in Australia (with the strictest SPF rules in the world!) and cute AF packaging 😊! And all of their sunscreens have NO oxybenzone, NO octinoxate, NO whitecast, NO mineral oil, NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO GMO’s, NO petrolatum, NO synthetic colors and NO BS! 🌟

✨ *P.S. for those makeup wearers, they have a SPRAY ON!! Now there really is NO Excuse NOT to re-apply while you’re out stuntin’! ✨