Face Mapping 101

Has your skin been given you life all summer, but is now slowly starting to act like a fool? πŸ€”πŸ€”

🍁 The season has changed, but there could be other contributing factors that can trigger acne. You can come in for a consultation, schedule a zoom or just look in the mirror and re-trace your steps as to what could be causing the breakouts.

⚫️ Forehead: Breakouts in the forehead could be caused by digestive imbalances, like poor diet, improper digestion, or even due to hair products or bangs. To start the road to recovery, flush your system out with LOTS of water, keep hair out of your face and if you wear hats keep them clean as they harvest bacteria.

⚫️ Temples: The kidneys and bladder can cause infections or inflammation in these areas and can pop up as acne, so beware on the alcohol consumption and fried foods.

⚫️ Cheeks: Acne on your babydoll cheeks is triggered by environmental factors living in a busy city so keeping your skin clean is super important. Keeping your pillow cases clean, face towels and cell phones disinfected are quintessential.

⚫️ Cheeks/Jawline: This area SCREAMS hormonal acne. Unfortunately this is a part of life and until that time passes, try to keep a balanced diet and get as much rest as possible until that ship sails.

⚫️ Hairline: Breakouts in this area are often caused by hair products! Whether you are slicking baby hairs, slicking back your pony or sculpting your waves, keeping your hairline clean will keep these bad boys at bay.

⚫️ Nose: Last but not least, the nose breakouts! These are the worst because they are the first things through the door! Breakouts here are also linked to the kidney and liver. So again, stick to a skincare routine, keep your hands away from your face and last but not least, lay off the alcohol!