Bikini Season is All Year Long!

💕 Cuffing season is HERE!, Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

👙 Bikini season is never over, so don’t start getting neglectful when it's time to slip on sweats and leggings.

Whether you shave, use hair removal creams or get laser, these items should be poochie staples to keep everything smooth n’ bright. ✨

Muff Masque will leave ‘down there’ feeling rejuvenated, hydrated and celebrated!
A sheet mask for your vagina, infused with plant-based, non-toxic ingredients, formulated with your muff in mind.🌿

Fur Ingrown Concentrate gently banishes bumps and redness. Together this all-natural oil and textured finger mitt soothes irritation and eradicates ingrown— resulting in clear, smooth pores for even the most sensitive skin!

Fur Stubble Cream is lightweight and fast-absorbing, this 100% natural formula is ideal for daily use to prevent ingrowns, bumps, and razor burns. Used as an aftershave, it softens prickly stubble and keeps skin smooth in areas where hair has been removed completely.

Keeping a regular routine will keep you on the ready at all times!