Battling with Maskne?

It’s almost time to remove our mask and get back to “normal”, but how’s that skin doing?

If maskne still has your under attack since the pandemic, don’t fret Auntie Fe has you covered!

Starting with Dermalogica’s brightening kits, these are THEEE TRUTH. If you’re struggling with hyperpigmentation these kits will give you a taste of what’s to come with a full-size glow-up.

Clear + Brighten Kit:

This kit contains highly active ingredients to clear breakouts, smooth skin and brighten skin tone. Use morning and night to help maintain consistently clear, healthy skin.

Kit includes 0.45 oz Daily Microfoliant (gentle, brightening polisher), 0.34 oz AGE Bright Clearing Serum (brightening clearing serum), and 0.2 oz bright spot fader (brightening spot treatment).

Dark Spots Solutions Kit:

  • Fade: start fading the appearance of dark spots within days
  • Defend: daily moisturizer helps shield against dark spots
  • Restore: nourishing nighttime cream optimizes skin moisture recovery and helps restore luminosity

Dermalogica’s Clearly Matte Kit is a breakout clearing system that works to deep clean and purify skin, clear breakouts fast and hydrate and defend against harmful UV rays without clogging pores.

Last but not least these targeted treatments from Hero Cosmetics will take care of any unwanted guest that pop up unannounced!

Mighty Patch acne patches: This variety pack includes the 3 essentials you need for a bulletproof acne arsenal: Mighty Patch Original, Invisible+, and Surface.

Lightning Wand: The rollerball zaps dark spots with a trio of advanced brighteners, glycolic acid, and sheer color-correcting tint — so you can bounce back after a breakout.